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Ozone Therapy

Ozone burns the fat and converts it to energy by more intensively affecting the skin with pores dilated by vapor when applied like sauna. It provides healthy weight loss by leading to a average loss of 400 calories per session. It is also largely effective for the elimination of the cellulites by different mechanisms. Due to its well-known bactericidal, fungicidal and viral replication preventing effects, medical ozone is also used for the treatment of several diseases caused by bacteria and viruses and for the disinfection of infected wounds. Additionally, ozone helps the skin to renew and gain a tight and smooth appearance by increasing the blood circulation of the skin. When it is concomitantly used with triactive, weight loss, regional slimming and cellulite-removing effect are more obviously seen.

Main application areas
• Circulatory disorders • Anti-aging and revitalization • Eye diseases • Cancer patients • Fungal skin diseases and infected skin lesions • Infected wounds • Intestinal diseases; proctitis and colitis • Disease due to viruses • Liver inflammation (Hepatitis A, B, and C) • Inflammatory and degenerative joint diseases • Arthritis/rheumatism

Which of these three methods will be applied to those persons admitted to our clinic for regional thinning is determined by our specialist doctors following the examination.

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Date of Update: 14/09/2015

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