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Laser Applications

In our clinic, ND-YAG Laser and UPL devices are used for laser depilation applications. ND-YAG laser both affects directly the hair root and prevents the nutrition of the hair root by targeting per...

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These are the stains seen in one of 1000 babies at birth, with varying sizes, which are initially light pink and then turns to purple over time. Initially smooth surface of these stains becomes rou...

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Dilatation of the capillaries may be treated within 1 to 6 sessions of 5 to 25 minutes each with intervals of 4 to 6 weeks using laser therapy without an anesthetic method. Laser therapy is a metho...

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In our clinic, Q-Switch Laser is used to remove the tattoos. This laser cap is the most successful laser type in removing the tattoos. Other methods used to remove tattoos are surgical methods and ...

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