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Lip Aesthetics
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Lip Aesthetics

In some persons, the lips may congenitally (familial) be thin and unobvious. In some persons, the lips get thinner and lose their volume and vitality by the formation of wrinkles as a consequence of the tissue lysis related to aging. Aim of the lip aesthetics is make the lips thicker, make their contour more obvious and to reduce the wrinkles without impairing their natural appearance. Many methods have been developed for lip aesthetics. These may be categorized in two groups as surgical and non-surgical methods. Non-surgical methods are performed using filling material. The filling materials contain hyaluronic acid.

Such type of lip thickening is more commonly performed because it may be performed on outpatient basis and doesn’t require surgical intervention. As filling material, fat taken from another part of the body may also be used instead of hyaluronic acid. Surgical method is a procedure consisting of placing a piece of tissue taken from another part of the body into the lip through an incision.

This surgical type of lip thickening gives a more natural appearance and is more persistent compared to those performed with filling materials. Operations for lip reduction may be required albeit being rare. Lips bigger than normal may be reduced by removing an elliptic part of the oral mucosa through an incision. This procedure may be performed under local anesthesia.

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