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Laser Lipolysis (SmartLipo)
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Laser Lipolysis (SmartLipo)

It is also called laser assisted liposuction in abroad. Laser Lipolysis with SmartLipo is based on the principle to make blow up the membrane of fat cell mainly by laser beam. This method is an innovative and breakthrough procedure in liposculpture (body shaping) applications. With this procedure efficient in treatment of regional fattening and skin sagging, the patient may get rid of fat localized in regions such as abdomen, hip, waist as well as facial region, gill, inner sides of the legs and arms, internal side of the thigh and knee, ankle and leg in one session performed under local anesthesia without bleeding and an interference of social life. Laser Lipolysis method with SmartLipo does not only removes the fat accumulated under the skin but also leads to a tighter- and younger-looking skin by increasing collagen synthesis of the skin.

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Date of Update: 14/09/2015

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