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Aesthetics of Arms and Legs
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Aesthetics of Arms and Legs

Aesthetic operations of the legs and arms are performed in order to provide an aesthetic appearance by restoring the body symmetry and harmony. Sagging may occur on the back and internal parts of the arms or legs due to aging, intermittent weight gain-loss and gravity. During the preoperative evaluation, sagging rate and amount of fat of the skin of internal sides of arms or legs are evaluated. The patient is informed about the scar which will remain. For the cases with a good quality of skin and without sagging, which show only excessive fat accumulation, liposuction may be performed.

Furthermore, if there is a difference of thickness in diameter is present between the regions under and above the knee, if there is a difference of thickness or shape is present between both legs, or if the legs have a deviated appearance, leg prosthesis may be used to resolve these problems. Arm or leg lifting procedure may be performed under local or general anesthesia. In the case with less skin sagging, the scar due to operation will be only in the axilla or in the internal part of the leg. Following the operation, it may be necessary to wear an arm or leg corset.

When the operation is performed under local anesthesia, the patient may return to home on the same day, whereas, when the operation is performed under general anesthesia, the patient should stay in the clinic for 1 night. After the operation, a resting period of 1 week is usually sufficient. The sutures are removed at the end of 12 to 14 days.

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