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Forehead Lifting – Brow Lifting
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Forehead Lifting – Brow Lifting

The eyebrow level displaces downward and the lines that horizontally lie on the forehead and vertically lie between two eyebrows and which show a different deepness among people become more evident due to structural reasons, advanced age, skin sagging and gravity.

Eyebrow lifting and forehead lifting operations are not troublesome procedures for the patient and provide a significant correction and rejuvenation in facial aesthetics. If the level of eyebrows is lower and saggy, eyebrow lifting and forehead lifting should be concomitantly performed.

However, if the level of eyebrows is normal but only lifting of the eyebrow edge is desired, eyebrow lifting alone will be sufficient. Eyebrow lifting procedure may be performed under general anesthesia if it is performed concomitantly with forehead lifting whereas it may be performed under local anesthesia if it performed alone.

The operation is performed through incisions of several centimeters amongst the hairs and no marked scar remains following the operation. The patient may be discharged on the same or following day.

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