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Treatment for Stains and Port Wine Stain
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Treatment for Stains and Port Wine Stain

These are the stains seen in one of 1000 babies at birth, with varying sizes, which are initially light pink and then turns to purple over time. Initially smooth surface of these stains becomes rough over time and elevations may develop on these stains. These are most commonly seen on head and neck region and don’t resolve spontaneously. The patient may get rid of this stain that he/she should carry during the entire life by laser method. Laser therapy is also effective for the treatment of the capillaries, cherry angiomas, rosacea, and aging due to sun damage. In our clinic, several types of laser are used according to the type of stain. During the procedure, only a slight pain like the hit of rubber is felt. The application is simple and performed in sessions.

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Date of Update: 14/09/2015

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